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Intensive Facebook Ads and Chatbot Creation Training 

Join us if you want to learn from on how to build Facebook Ads and Chatbot to grow your business.

Training Registration will close on June 27th 2020



I'll tell you about this later.

For now, I want to share with you this annoying concept that’s proven to be nothing but a BIG LIE.

"Build it and they will come.”

If this is your motto in business, then good luck.

No matter how amazing a business is, they will not come just because you build it.

SM Malls "have it all" but if it was in the middle of the jungle, very few, if any at all, would come.

Boracay is a great tourism destination but without planes and boats to bring us there, it might as well not exist.


It doesn't matter how great your business is.

If you don't have a way to offer it to people, then it doesn't exist to them.

You have to meet people where they are.

And nowadays, they're on Facebook.
Your customers are on Facebook, so you should be.

So how do businesses like us connect with our target market on Facebook?


Facebook ads are posts which businesses pay for to get in front of their targeted audiences.

  • What would it mean for you if you could directly pinpoint who you would want to get your offer in front of?
  • What if you can reach those people for a minimum of P55 a day (and control when and how much you want to spend on advertising)?
  • What if you could clearly identify which among your marketing efforts are bringing you the most returns so you can do more of what's working and stop doing what is just costing you money?

You can do all this with Facebook ads.

And now you have the opportunity of learning how to correctly set them up for your business.

This program will walk you through the ins and outs of the Facebook advertising platform


Facebook Ads and Chatbot Blueprint


  • How to set up Facebook Ads from Scratch
  • Launch your first successful ad campaign confidently
  • Create and launch a campaign that will generate you inquiries.
  • ACCURATELY target your audiences and put your message in front of the right people
  • Ad Campaign Management Metrics
  • Audience Research for Targeting
  • Remarketing & Custom Audiences Deep Dive
  • How to set up Facebook Pixels
  • How To Target Based On Content
  • How To target People in Facebook Groups
  • How to remarket to those who already like, follow, and interacted with your page.
  • How To Target Lookalike Audiences
  • How I Use Chatbots with Facebook Ads
  • What To Do When Your Ad Account is Disabled
  • Marketing Funnel Basics

Not only that, You will also …

Discover How To Build Your Messenger Marketing Machine With Fb Chatbot And Turn Your Subscribers Into Paying Customer

So, What are the benefits of Chatbot Marketing, building bots and maintaining a page with a bot?

  • You can grow your subscriber from the biggest social media platform in the human history, Facebook.
  • You can automate your marketing funnels, answer inquiries and sending messages to them 24/7.
  • You won't miss any messages unanswered. Thus increasing your page response rate.

All of this will be done in 3 session (2hours each session) via zoom. Below are the schedule of the training


Session  1: July 1, 2020, Wednesday 7:00 PM


Session 2: July 4, 2020, Saturday 4:00 PM


Session 3: July 7, 2020, Tuesday 7:00 PM

But Ed, I'm New To This Kind of Advertisement and I’m not that techie

Don’t worry, I especially designed this training for newbies like you. I will laid out what step by step you need to take on this live training, so beginners like you will be able to follow.

So, How much does the training Cost?

This training will not cost your arms and legs.

It won’t even cost the amount of enrolling in a network marketing
business worth ₱10,000+.

This course can worth P10,000 – P50,000+ as it helps you avoid losing money in Facebook thru proven time-tested ads strategies.

I’m giving this course originally for

Php 5,999.00!

But today I’m giving it at a

One-time payment of Php 999.00

That is equivalent to only 3 pesos per day for 1 year!

Meron pang mararating ang tatlong piso mo!

But you have to ACT NOW.


Slots are very limited and I may choose to increase the price or even close the enrollment period at any time without warning so be sure to lock-in the subscription rate by enrolling today.

Training Registration will close on June 27th 2020


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

I believe this training will give you results in your business, that’s why I’m putting a 30-day money back guarantee on it. Meaning if after 30 days you go through the course and follow my advice and nothings works, you can ask for your money back. And I will refund every peso to you. No questions asked, no justifications needed – just send me an email and you get your refund.

Remember I told you you’re losing out thousands every single month and you don’t even know it?

Here’s why…

Every single day you’re not using Facebook Ads, your competitors are and they are getting YOUR customers right under your nose.

Every single day you’re not using Facebook Ads, people who should’ve bought from you are giving their hard-earned money to someone else.

Every single day you’re not using Facebook Ads, you’re losing so much money on missed opportunities that was already yours for the taking.

Customers and revenue that was meant for you, wasted away… Just because you weren’t able to seize the opportunity.

I want to change that for you.

You have an amazing business and more people need to see it.
They DESERVE it… You DESERVE it.

It’s time to take what’s YOURS…

Join the training and I will hold you by the hand and show you exactly how to get it done.

About The Trainer,

My name is Eduardo Orquista you can call me Ed for short, currently I am helping business owners, coaches, authors, course creator generate more leads/prospects/inquiries that can potentially lead to paying customer though effective Facebook Marketing Ad Campaign. I am also helping coaches authors launch their digital course using powerful marketing sales funnel

I’ve been doing Facebook Ads for about 5 years now .See image below, that’s one of my recent ad account.

It was the paid program launch by a local handsome client. His paid course worth Php 4,795 00 per student My goal during the launch as the advertiser is to generate leads and to promote the ads.

With a total of Php 2,333 32 we are able to generate a total of 1,279 quality leads from that we have 3 % conversion, meaning 38 enrolled to the course Now, please do the math of how much is the ROI (Return On Investment).

And even if those 1000 leads didn’t enroll yet, still we can remarket to them thru their email address and turn them into paying customer

I have used Facebook Ads to sell different products online from digital products to physical products, from products I own to products I don’t own I’m NOT showing this just to brag or to tell you how good I am I just want to show you real proof that what I’m about to teach you works and I have tried them myself

And I’m NOT teaching you theory, but I’m teaching you things that I have produced results for me and my clients

Now, some people may think Facebook Ads can be expensive or costly That may be true ONLY IF you don’t know how to do it properly

I want you to see how powerful Facebook Ads can be if done correctly. In this online training, I’m about to share with you the Facebook Ads Strategies that have helped me generate the results I have showed you above.

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